Sunday, June 30, 2013

Where did you go weekend? I'm missing you already

It's already Sunday night, which means back to the 9 to 5 tomorrow (or 6:30 to 3 in my case). We had a busy weekend and the heat took it out of us, I don't feel like I was able to accomplish half of what I wanted to but that's what happens when you are a mom right? Right. Here are some pictures from yesterday, one of my best friend's daughter had her 4th Birthday party at the Phoenix Zoo.
My favorite picture of the day, D showing "Lemon" some of the cool stuff such as a starfish skeleton. She is so good with him and they love eachother.

He was petting the sting rays when one decided to Say Hi? with a huge splash, it soaked him and freaked me out. I think my reaction made him swear off sting ray's for a while. He was DRIPPING water it was one of those I shouldn't be laughing, but I can't help it moments.

Why use a spoon when I can use my mouth? The life of having a little boy is so fun and crazy. He is all boy and loves messes.

And lastly:
When all the kids are supposed to make a monkey visor and you have to help your 21 month old with his. Then you get shown up by all kids ages (2-12) and your monkey is the only one missing an eye and part of an ear. Sorry Lennon, mom apparently isn't good at arts and crafts.

Sometimes we have to put our 25 year old duties aside to enjoy and cherish the ones we love. I am so blessed to have this little man he is so fun! 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh Kevin Costner, don't you do that again.....

Man of Steel spoiler alert!

So Jacob is a huge comic book buff one of his passions and superman is his favorite, he got me hooked on Smallville but we ran out of time to watch it. He went with his brother and some friends to the midnight showing of man of steel and loved it, but told me "it's no shock that Jonathan Kent dies, everyone knows that". I was like... wait I didn't know that.... wait isn't Jonathan Kent played by Kevin Costner. Now, I love Kevin Costner, he is the grandpa/dad just great actor who for someone reason I have some sort of attachment to. Whether it's field of dreams or the guardian or really anything in between I love him.

So we had some free movie passes I had won from my day job and a baby sitter so we decided to go see Man of Steel, I went into this knowing that Jonathan Kent dies, however the scene where the tornado gets him... tears. Tears filled my eyes and I just wanted it to not be real. Poor Clark, Poor Kevin, I just didn't like it. I really don't think I ever want to watch another movie where Kevin Costner dies in a horrible tragic way. My heart can't take it Kevin, it can't. So really this post was in tribute to Mr. Costner, you are just wonderful.



Okay I have settled down.

Happy Saturday!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Friday

My son and I are hanging out while daddy is out at a photo shoot that will be tonight and tomorrow morning. My other half is normally the stay at home parent so I think our son gets confused when mommy is the one home not working! Shameless shoutout for my other half's photography page:

I love that he is so creative and has so many passions he has been doing photography for about 10 years now and loves it.
So the other night I did my first "cat lady" post and I got about 3 times as many views on that post as I have ever had on ANY other post, SO from now on I will probably end each posts with some cats for the cat lady in all of us!

Thank you all for the recent views, I would love to read your favorite blogs (or maybe your own blog), leave a comment with a link!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Room 8

I was browsing stumble upon today after watching the Jodi Arias lifetime movie (which is a whole lot of not good feeling) and came across one of the sweetest wikipedia articles. You can read the article here: but essentially it is about a cat who adopted a school and who everyone fell in love with. This reminds me so much of my cat Danjo because he adopted us and the love is so much different when an animal chooses your to be it's family. One day my mom and I were enjoying a cooler Arizona evening and we had our door open and in walked this cat and he just plopped right down on the tile, every day he kept coming back so we decided to name him and keep him. We moved and were afraid he would go back to his old home when we did but he never left, he was the best pet I have ever had and was so full of love.

Here are some pictures of the room 8 cat, it is such a sweet story:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Caturday Eve.

A little red wine and cats that are already funny are about 100000 times more funny

you're welcome.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Feel good about yourself!

So this is us, we got hair cuts last night! Luckily that handsome man does PR work for an amazing salon in Scottsdale. The owner gave us these great cuts and next month we are going for color! But this is what my hair looks like now, please don't mind my makeup less face:

He also gave me tips on curling my hair this is just 10 curls in my hair and it looked so great. He also used Neuma products on my hair, not only do the Neuma products feel great on your hair but, NEUMA products feature: 
  • synthetic fragrance
  • sulfates
  • parabens
  • 1,4-dioxane
  • phthalates
  • glutens
  • neurotoxins
  • aluminum compounds
  • glycols*
  • formaldehyde donors
  • ureas
  • carcinogens
I will be researching the line a little more and I was lucky enough to bring some of their leave in conditioner home, hoping that it will tame my wild hair!

I am also currently enjoying the skinny girl cleanse and restore packets, they come in a box like this:
I got them for free from Skinny Girl along with a few other great products. There is a lot of complaints on the product mostly about the consistency and flavor but neither of them bother me. The product definitely makes you more regular but it also gives you a nice energy feeling. The best part is the product is all natural and gluten free. You can get more info on these and other skinny girl daily products at

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Easy Easy Easy

Well Veet, I was unsure and you have showed me how simple and easy you can be. Simple and easy in the good way not in the trashy HBO sort of way. I had never waxed any part of my body other than facial parts and then I received this in the mail:
Whattttt is that I thought, obviously not for my fax. Leg waxing... you want me to put hot stuff on my legs and rip my hair out? OR my bikini area... Isn't my razor good enough?

I read over the description, instructions and some reviews online. Most of the feedback is that people were loving it. I did see on first timer with a video who looked to be in enough pain to scare you away. Again we are talking about waxing people. Seeing the girls reaction in the video made me think of the Bathroom Scene from "What Women Want" where Mel Gibson attempts to wax his legs
So I was a little terrified. I let my hair on my legs grow for almost a week then decided to give it a go. The bikini area was not going to happen. So you take the wax cartridge and place it in the container, plug the container in and let it heat up until you can roll it on a piece of paper with even distribution. I believe instructions said about 45 minutes mine took a little over an hour. You apply the wax on your legs and then use a white strip to pull it off, OUCH. The first few were so painful, plus i couldn't seem to get all the hairs off. However after about 45 minutes on my first leg it seemed to be as good as it was going to get. They give you these awesome little cloths to rub on your legs when you are done to remove any access wax and it leaves your legs feeling all nice and soft.

So the next day I wake up and see 1, 2, 10 ... more than 10 red bumps on my legs mind you I had done an allergy test so I knew it wasn't that, but I was super freaked out. I reached out to one of my esthetics friends who informed me that when people wax an area for the first time this can happen and it usually will go away after a day or two. It was gone by the next day, thank goodness. It's been about a week now and still no sign of re growth. I would really like to try the products for your face save me so much money.

The Veet Easy Wax system runs about $29-$39 from what I can see but you should be able to get quite a few applications from it, saving yourself the money of going to a salon. I can't wait to try it again, I'm sure it's a practice makes perfect sort of thing. I would give the product a 7/10, because of the time it took to heat up and do one leg, we will see if that changes this next time around.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last Minute is my nickname...

..... I love being on a schedule, I hate being late places and I hate last minute unexpected pressure full events. Well my lovely other half turns 26 this weekend and on his actual birthday he is spending the day taking free pictures to celebrate his 10 year anniversary of doing photography. We have been low on funds so I didn't really think to plan anything, but then today I got a little crazy in me and decided something has to be done, I mean it's a birthday! What kind of birthday is it without a party of some sort. Last year we had a baby sitter, went to the bowling alley with some friends and had a few drinks.

Now, hopefully my other half isn't reading this and i'm not spoiling anything. J IF YOU ARE READING THIS CLOSE YOUR BROWSER NOW.

Now that that's settled, I messaged his brother and a few of his friends. Luckily some of them have the time off work even though it's only 4 days notice. Our son will be here and I have told people to bring their young ones and we can do some water play, Arizona in June is good for that.... I will attempt to cook a few things on the BBQ and hopefully it will be enjoyable. If not I will just have about 10 glasses of wine and hope I can be productive for his actual birthday.

 So wish me luck that it's like this:

and not like this


Monday, June 17, 2013

Um, check please!

For a healthier sweet treat, whether to end a date night, for the kids or just because you want to check out these cute snacks. These would also make great appetizers or desserts to bring to the next "i decided to go at the last minute and forgot to buy something" party you attend. Just take Pineapple, Banana and Strawberry preferably local (if possible), stick a tooth pick through them and dip sides in dark chocolate. Lay on parchment paper and let dry. If it's hot make sure to keep these cold/chilled so they don't melt!

Let me know if you make these and love them, I'm addicted. Also whats your favorite healthier alternative?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You name your kid Lennon and everyone wants to be his friend...

Lennon had a swim party to go to on Saturday, he had a blast even made off with a super awesome party bag.

This saturday he's going to a kids gym type place for another birthday party, his grandpa is also coming up that day to party.

Then on the 22nd it's his girlfriends one year birthday and the weekend after that it's his older ladies friends birthday.

On top of it all his dad's birthday is the 23rd!

Busy busy busy June. Plus it's already been like 105+ and I did not get into my skimpy clothing shape at all.... so as much as i hate the word "diet" thats what my butt will be doing so I can not melt in this heat.

Got my French Lavender layers in the mail yesterday and I've already used two tabs. Sad thing is it only comes with five tabs. GOOD things is I used my host rewards to get the whole thing for only $3.00. There is a company called truly you that makes all natural stuff and they have bath bombs that I really want to try out:
Check out you can even watch the ladies make the bath fizz! Plus you can follow them on instagram at I am getting ready to place an order soon. They even guaranteed it would make it through the Arizona heat!

Okay its 935, my sleeping medication is kicking in and my son is driving one of his cars up and down the neighbors wall, SO I should probably head in for the night.

Product reviews are still coming, we had some issues with the veet, but other than that I am obsessed with the rest. I will update more soon. Thank you to all those who have given me opportunities!