Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Easy Easy Easy

Well Veet, I was unsure and you have showed me how simple and easy you can be. Simple and easy in the good way not in the trashy HBO sort of way. I had never waxed any part of my body other than facial parts and then I received this in the mail:
Whattttt is that I thought, obviously not for my fax. Leg waxing... you want me to put hot stuff on my legs and rip my hair out? OR my bikini area... Isn't my razor good enough?

I read over the description, instructions and some reviews online. Most of the feedback is that people were loving it. I did see on first timer with a video who looked to be in enough pain to scare you away. Again we are talking about waxing people. Seeing the girls reaction in the video made me think of the Bathroom Scene from "What Women Want" where Mel Gibson attempts to wax his legs
So I was a little terrified. I let my hair on my legs grow for almost a week then decided to give it a go. The bikini area was not going to happen. So you take the wax cartridge and place it in the container, plug the container in and let it heat up until you can roll it on a piece of paper with even distribution. I believe instructions said about 45 minutes mine took a little over an hour. You apply the wax on your legs and then use a white strip to pull it off, OUCH. The first few were so painful, plus i couldn't seem to get all the hairs off. However after about 45 minutes on my first leg it seemed to be as good as it was going to get. They give you these awesome little cloths to rub on your legs when you are done to remove any access wax and it leaves your legs feeling all nice and soft.

So the next day I wake up and see 1, 2, 10 ... more than 10 red bumps on my legs mind you I had done an allergy test so I knew it wasn't that, but I was super freaked out. I reached out to one of my esthetics friends who informed me that when people wax an area for the first time this can happen and it usually will go away after a day or two. It was gone by the next day, thank goodness. It's been about a week now and still no sign of re growth. I would really like to try the products for your face save me so much money.

The Veet Easy Wax system runs about $29-$39 from what I can see but you should be able to get quite a few applications from it, saving yourself the money of going to a salon. I can't wait to try it again, I'm sure it's a practice makes perfect sort of thing. I would give the product a 7/10, because of the time it took to heat up and do one leg, we will see if that changes this next time around.

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