Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last Minute is my nickname...

..... I love being on a schedule, I hate being late places and I hate last minute unexpected pressure full events. Well my lovely other half turns 26 this weekend and on his actual birthday he is spending the day taking free pictures to celebrate his 10 year anniversary of doing photography. We have been low on funds so I didn't really think to plan anything, but then today I got a little crazy in me and decided something has to be done, I mean it's a birthday! What kind of birthday is it without a party of some sort. Last year we had a baby sitter, went to the bowling alley with some friends and had a few drinks.

Now, hopefully my other half isn't reading this and i'm not spoiling anything. J IF YOU ARE READING THIS CLOSE YOUR BROWSER NOW.

Now that that's settled, I messaged his brother and a few of his friends. Luckily some of them have the time off work even though it's only 4 days notice. Our son will be here and I have told people to bring their young ones and we can do some water play, Arizona in June is good for that.... I will attempt to cook a few things on the BBQ and hopefully it will be enjoyable. If not I will just have about 10 glasses of wine and hope I can be productive for his actual birthday.

 So wish me luck that it's like this:

and not like this


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