Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Here's the mail it never fails...

You know you are a mom of a toddler when, you sing the blues clues song everytime you check the mail. It makes it a little more exciting though. Especially when your mail for the past two days has included some fun stuff you get to review and blog about:

Yesterdays mail:
Veet EasyWax Electrical Wax Kit from Influenster!

Today's Mail:
Dr.Scholl's Massaging Gel insoles for women compliments of Bzz Agent! I have a bunch of $4 off coupons if anyone would like to try some out. Plus you can take the Dr.Scholl's challenge and earn awesome prizes, Check out the extra step challenge over at

PLUS I still have my review of palmolive to post and Emergen-C with new flavors!

Do you like reviewing products? What is the best thing you got in your mailbox this week?!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Amanda,

It's really a better idea to remove the evidence BEFORE the police are in your apartment, not while they are in there.
Someone with a brain

It is so crazy to me that Amanda Bynes.... Amanda Show, Amanda Bynes... idol to a lot of us who grew up in the 90s has gone possibly further into crazyville than Lohan. How did we go from:


Okay I get it she was an over worked child star, who made lots of money and decided to retire in her 20's. Then everyone forgot about her and she had to act out.

Okay no I don't get it. I think I can't feel sorry for her  because she justified the way people are viewing her, possibly concerned about her by calling them ugly. Her so called "hot friends" all love her and don't think she is doing any wrong. I'm sure the fact that you are paying for your friends weed doesn't change their views of you at all. 

Remember kids, you can go from being considered one of the hottest women:
To making people want to gouge their eyes out:
In an instant. I just hope the hot friends that have her back get her help before she ends up as another statistic. Dr. Drew where are you?!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear The Fairways Apartments

While you would think that your ratings on
That you would appreciate someone who has lived in your complex for over 2 years. We attempted to negotiate our rent so we could stay here after a $100 price hike last year and another $25+ this year. Our neighbors are paying roughly $100 less than us (three different neighbors mind you). The best they can do is $5 less than the $25 more they want. We have never been late on rent we are not problem tenants and this is our thank you. Mind you our apartment is falling apart, the water goes out about 3 times a month and we just got rid of all the bad neighbors. 

So if you are looking in Chandler Arizona, stay away from The Fairways "luxury" apartments. I would love to have stayed here and recommended them but you have taken over an apartment complex and your management obviously doesn't care about keeping good tenants. 

 Luckily we have already contacted a few other apartments that can offer more than we are getting for nearly $200 less. If you are looking in this area feel free to let me know and I will offer some suggestions.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The soap for ladies who don't want chipped nails?

I received another wonderful package today courtesy of Influenster and Palmolive. The package contained two full size bottles of Palmolive soft touch. The product card states these are designed to be soft on your hands while still providing powerful grease cutting action! For anyone who does their own dishes a lot or has worked in any job where you had to wash dishes, you know how awesome good soap is! Looking at the Influenster site it even wants us to test how our manicures look after washing the dishes! So I will have to put that to the test!
I received the Palmolive Soft Touch with aloe and the Palmolive Soft Touch with Vitamin E. I have received a few comments on my instagram feed already asking how people can join this awesome site and test products themselves. Unfortunately I am out of invites myself but maybe after Influenster see's people want to join they will give me some more and I will share them with you all!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You my brown eyed girl

Loving these colors for brown eyes! I love purple and pink because they bring out the bright pigments in your eye. The white helps open the eye up to help you look more awake and to give more definition to your eye brow!

What is your favorite shadow brand? Favorite shadow brand on a budget?