Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear The Fairways Apartments

While you would think that your ratings on
That you would appreciate someone who has lived in your complex for over 2 years. We attempted to negotiate our rent so we could stay here after a $100 price hike last year and another $25+ this year. Our neighbors are paying roughly $100 less than us (three different neighbors mind you). The best they can do is $5 less than the $25 more they want. We have never been late on rent we are not problem tenants and this is our thank you. Mind you our apartment is falling apart, the water goes out about 3 times a month and we just got rid of all the bad neighbors. 

So if you are looking in Chandler Arizona, stay away from The Fairways "luxury" apartments. I would love to have stayed here and recommended them but you have taken over an apartment complex and your management obviously doesn't care about keeping good tenants. 

 Luckily we have already contacted a few other apartments that can offer more than we are getting for nearly $200 less. If you are looking in this area feel free to let me know and I will offer some suggestions.

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