Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Amanda,

It's really a better idea to remove the evidence BEFORE the police are in your apartment, not while they are in there.
Someone with a brain

It is so crazy to me that Amanda Bynes.... Amanda Show, Amanda Bynes... idol to a lot of us who grew up in the 90s has gone possibly further into crazyville than Lohan. How did we go from:


Okay I get it she was an over worked child star, who made lots of money and decided to retire in her 20's. Then everyone forgot about her and she had to act out.

Okay no I don't get it. I think I can't feel sorry for her  because she justified the way people are viewing her, possibly concerned about her by calling them ugly. Her so called "hot friends" all love her and don't think she is doing any wrong. I'm sure the fact that you are paying for your friends weed doesn't change their views of you at all. 

Remember kids, you can go from being considered one of the hottest women:
To making people want to gouge their eyes out:
In an instant. I just hope the hot friends that have her back get her help before she ends up as another statistic. Dr. Drew where are you?!


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