Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh Kevin Costner, don't you do that again.....

Man of Steel spoiler alert!

So Jacob is a huge comic book buff one of his passions and superman is his favorite, he got me hooked on Smallville but we ran out of time to watch it. He went with his brother and some friends to the midnight showing of man of steel and loved it, but told me "it's no shock that Jonathan Kent dies, everyone knows that". I was like... wait I didn't know that.... wait isn't Jonathan Kent played by Kevin Costner. Now, I love Kevin Costner, he is the grandpa/dad just great actor who for someone reason I have some sort of attachment to. Whether it's field of dreams or the guardian or really anything in between I love him.

So we had some free movie passes I had won from my day job and a baby sitter so we decided to go see Man of Steel, I went into this knowing that Jonathan Kent dies, however the scene where the tornado gets him... tears. Tears filled my eyes and I just wanted it to not be real. Poor Clark, Poor Kevin, I just didn't like it. I really don't think I ever want to watch another movie where Kevin Costner dies in a horrible tragic way. My heart can't take it Kevin, it can't. So really this post was in tribute to Mr. Costner, you are just wonderful.



Okay I have settled down.

Happy Saturday!


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