Sunday, June 30, 2013

Where did you go weekend? I'm missing you already

It's already Sunday night, which means back to the 9 to 5 tomorrow (or 6:30 to 3 in my case). We had a busy weekend and the heat took it out of us, I don't feel like I was able to accomplish half of what I wanted to but that's what happens when you are a mom right? Right. Here are some pictures from yesterday, one of my best friend's daughter had her 4th Birthday party at the Phoenix Zoo.
My favorite picture of the day, D showing "Lemon" some of the cool stuff such as a starfish skeleton. She is so good with him and they love eachother.

He was petting the sting rays when one decided to Say Hi? with a huge splash, it soaked him and freaked me out. I think my reaction made him swear off sting ray's for a while. He was DRIPPING water it was one of those I shouldn't be laughing, but I can't help it moments.

Why use a spoon when I can use my mouth? The life of having a little boy is so fun and crazy. He is all boy and loves messes.

And lastly:
When all the kids are supposed to make a monkey visor and you have to help your 21 month old with his. Then you get shown up by all kids ages (2-12) and your monkey is the only one missing an eye and part of an ear. Sorry Lennon, mom apparently isn't good at arts and crafts.

Sometimes we have to put our 25 year old duties aside to enjoy and cherish the ones we love. I am so blessed to have this little man he is so fun! 

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