Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You name your kid Lennon and everyone wants to be his friend...

Lennon had a swim party to go to on Saturday, he had a blast even made off with a super awesome party bag.

This saturday he's going to a kids gym type place for another birthday party, his grandpa is also coming up that day to party.

Then on the 22nd it's his girlfriends one year birthday and the weekend after that it's his older ladies friends birthday.

On top of it all his dad's birthday is the 23rd!

Busy busy busy June. Plus it's already been like 105+ and I did not get into my skimpy clothing shape at all.... so as much as i hate the word "diet" thats what my butt will be doing so I can not melt in this heat.

Got my French Lavender layers in the mail yesterday and I've already used two tabs. Sad thing is it only comes with five tabs. GOOD things is I used my host rewards to get the whole thing for only $3.00. There is a company called truly you that makes all natural stuff and they have bath bombs that I really want to try out:
Check out you can even watch the ladies make the bath fizz! Plus you can follow them on instagram at I am getting ready to place an order soon. They even guaranteed it would make it through the Arizona heat!

Okay its 935, my sleeping medication is kicking in and my son is driving one of his cars up and down the neighbors wall, SO I should probably head in for the night.

Product reviews are still coming, we had some issues with the veet, but other than that I am obsessed with the rest. I will update more soon. Thank you to all those who have given me opportunities!

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