Sunday, June 23, 2013

Room 8

I was browsing stumble upon today after watching the Jodi Arias lifetime movie (which is a whole lot of not good feeling) and came across one of the sweetest wikipedia articles. You can read the article here: but essentially it is about a cat who adopted a school and who everyone fell in love with. This reminds me so much of my cat Danjo because he adopted us and the love is so much different when an animal chooses your to be it's family. One day my mom and I were enjoying a cooler Arizona evening and we had our door open and in walked this cat and he just plopped right down on the tile, every day he kept coming back so we decided to name him and keep him. We moved and were afraid he would go back to his old home when we did but he never left, he was the best pet I have ever had and was so full of love.

Here are some pictures of the room 8 cat, it is such a sweet story:

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