Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lovey-Love-Love Envelopes

Ignore the title, unless you are a mom and watch too much yo gabba gabba like we do in my house, it's a Roots reference ;).

Okay so I told you all in my last post that I would be attempting to mend my relationship and make it the best it could be. So I came up with the "Lovey-Love-Love Envelopes" and to start it off I also hid this circle I made with a ton of memories in his Superman Hot Toys toy because I know he looks at it like 10000 times a day. Funny enough it took me having to give him a hint for him to even see it.

I put the rules/explanation of the envelopes and envelope #1 in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, again he missed these even though he went in the cabinet at least twice before he found it.

Sorry for my horrible hand writing but it says:
  • You will receive 1 envelope a day.
  • Do not question what's inside it, it will be FUN! :)
  • You can have 3 rain checks per month (must be used in 30 days)
  • Envelope activities may be canceled if sick for some TLC!
Envelope #1 was two "tickets" to a movie, most of the things we do will be on a budget since we are expecting baby #2 and we had free movie passes laying around. I arranged for my mom to watch our son and we went and saw a super grown up movie.... Despicable Me 2. It was nice to just go out with each other for a few hours and the movie was cute, not as good as number one but still a feel good movie.

I hid envelope #2 in the fridge, again... my hiding spots apparently aren't very easy to find because this took him a while too. This was a voucher for a picnic in the living room set up by me. I had $12 in groupon credit so I used it to get a cousin subs groupon worth for 4 subs, so we got two of them and set up shop in our living room! It was enjoyable to talk and hangout and just spend time together.

So far I think he is appreciating the effort that is going into this! I will post more envelope ideas as they come and go.

Day #1- Movie Out
Day #2- Picnic in the Living Room.

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