Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Braces off after round 2!

I had braces from 12/13 years old until I was 18. Silly me, being 18 did not wear my retainer properly and when my wisdom teeth started to come in my front teeth became crooked. I had the dreaded "snaggle tooth", it wasn't horrible but I hated it. I decided I would get braces again for myself, being 24 (at the time) I did not want to have crooked teeth any longer and even though I thought it would be so embarrassing I took the leap. My braces were put on on 02/13/2012 I had clear ceramic braces on the top and traditional metal ones on the bottom.

Now, from my personal experience the look of the ceramics was great you could barely see them. However, when I went and had them off yesterday it was way more painful then just having the traditional braces removed. Apparently the ceramics tend to stick more which makes them hard to get off, as well as when they are trying to get them off they tend to break into tiny pieces, so I had pieces of braces in my mouth and everywhere else. That was really the only downside to them.

Below if my picture from yesterday 2/11/2013, I love my teeth! My gum line is crooked, there is nothing we can do about that unless I want surgery, so it makes my smile look a little off but it's not enough to make me upset! Overall the process went by SO FAST, was not as embarrassing as I thought it would be and I am so much happier now.

PLUS, now I can use the crest white strips advanced that Influenster and Crest sent me. I'm so excited to have a pearly white smile, I used my first strip yesterday! The retainer is not bad, I received the Hawley retainer this time, before I received the plastic clear ones. The only down side to the Hawley retainer is I have yet to figure out how to talk normal, but I'm sure I will eventually!

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