Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

We got our Christmas tree up finally and our son seems to like it. We decided on an artificial tree this year and we are already missing the smell of a real one. Thank goodness for scentsy and the festival of trees smell ( we just spray it on our tree and BAM smells like Christmas ;) What kind of tree do you use in your house if/when you have toddlers? Real or Fake?

Now it's time to add the ornaments and wrap the presents. We got my son a Mickey doll from the Disney store that is almost the same size as him and I am so excited for him to see it, especially since I know his greatest joy will come from the wrapping paper and boxes everything else is in. If only everyone was so easy to shop for!

We will be hosting our 2nd annual Christmas party next weekend and I will be making an assortment of pinterest inspired gifts for people to take home, I am so excited about it actually. This is on the top of my list:
However I will make it a little more adult inspired and add a bottle of Baileys or Kahlua to mix with the hot chocolate... YUM.

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