Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby it's getting cold outside....

I did most of my shopping online through amazon. I scored an awesome guitar for my son, some great movies for my lovely other half (some of them he's already got to open- Dark Knight Blu-Ray Triology?) and some stuff for myself ;). It's so crazy to me to see so many "must-have" toys that are toy that I wanted/received 10-20 years ago! Furby anyone? Except this furby is much more creepy than the one I used to stuff in my back pack and get yelled at for bringing to school when furby suddenly woke up letting the class know he was hungry. OOPS.

My step-mom gave my son an original tickle me elmo. He's not too sure about it yet, I don't really blame him.

What are the must have toys on your kid's list this year? What are the must have gifts on your list this year?

We want a new vacumm, we are pretty sold on the new Shark vacuum so hopefully santa will deliver it:

I can't believe at 25 years old I am wanting a vacuum, that was never something I thought would be on my holiday list.

We've talked about what I want and I want to know what you want, but I'm also interested on what you do to really bring out the holiday season in your family. My personal favorite thing to do that my mom started with me is to go visit the Christmas angel tree and "adopt" a few kids/buy them things on their wish list. While we may not have much I know we have WAY more than others and I want to show my son that it is important to give back to those less fortunate. If you have a special way you share the holiday spirit in your family please post a comment and let me know, we are always looking for new things to incorporate into our family!

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