Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Saturday

Is it really the weekend again? Time goes by so fast! Last night we had a nice family dinner out and I surprised my wonderful other half with tickets to go see Rush, I gave them to him as a "I'm proud of all the amazing things you've been doing lately". I think it's important to show gratitude in your relationship often, it doesn't have to be a present but maybe a card or a letter, a nice surprise breakfast in bed... anything really just to make them know you appreciate them.

We then went shopping for party favors for our son's first birthday! We also got him an adorable outfit for the pictures we are going to take to send with his invitations. I guess one of the pro's about having a significant other who is a photographer is you can get pictures whenever you want and know they will turn out amazing!

Today we are getting a new couch! Right now we have one from my M.I.L that is covered by a black couch cover and a red one that our cat destroyed the side of. My uncle is moving out of his apartment and had essentially brand new couches that he needed to get rid of so he gave them to us, I love having such an amazing family! Anyone have tips on keeping your pets from destroying your furniture? My cat is a brat, our other cat is blind and a sweetheart and our dog pretty much keeps to himself lately. He's never chewed on the furniture though.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.

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