Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Out of work today...

I woke up with a horrible migraine, to the point where I couldn't even stand up. I feel bad when I'm home on sick days because my son wants to play and I can't until my migraine goes away. Last night I made skinny sour cream enchiladas's I used the recipe found here:
They were a huge hit with my boyfriend and my mom, I also really liked them and they were pretty good for you. I made them with brown rice and black beans on the side! Props to skinnymom.com

I have not decided what's for dinner yet tonight but I know it will include lean ground beef.

Some of the stuff for my son's birthday party decorations are coming in, most everything will be DIY except for his cake. We did pay a local bakery to do it but they specialize in vegan, raw, and gluten free foods so they should make the perfect gluten free cake for him. I'm actually really excited to see it and if you live in Arizona make sure to check out:

I will post the decorations as I make them, I'm super excited to have something to occupy my time. We are taking him to Sea World for his actual birthday, even though I know he won't remember it, I know he will love the fish! Plus we get to spend time at the beach and that will make everyone all around happy!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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