Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sorry for the MIA and here we go again...

Sorry again for disappearing once I was starting to post more frequently. BUT I started getting sick all the time, couldn't sleep, then slept too much... Why? Because we are officially expecting number 2! The little one is set to make their arrival on March 18th 2014, which also happens to be our 4 year anniversary. We are SO excited and hoping for a girl this time around.

My first pregnancy (which I lost at 9 weeks) I was sick all the time. Then two months later I was pregnant with my son and had the easiest pregnancy ever! This little one, not so much, we found out at about 3 weeks and I have been sick ever since, I will be 15 weeks on Tuesday. I have been on Zofran which caused some not so fun side effects, so recently I switched to Unisom and it seems to be semi helping.

Now that I am starting to feel semi like a normal person I will resume posting, I have reviews from influenster I need to get up, catch ups on life (2nd birthdays!) and other rambling!

Thank you again for those that have stuck around (or clicked here from pinterest)!

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