Saturday, September 15, 2012

The most important meal of the day

We are giving little one more solid's for breakfast now and he's loving most of them. The thing is I used to HATE breakfast (up until like a few days ago), but I know to succesfully lose weight I have to eat it. We do alot of egg whites, veggies, lean proteins (turkey bacon) and fruits.

Little one and I are pretty much all healed up from our sicknesses, he's still got a little bit of runny nose and I've got some congestion but it's 90% better! However the man of the house is now battling a sinus infection. This morning little one and I got up and had a breakfast date.
  • The plate on the left is mine (obviously) It includes eggs, organic strawberries and whole wheat English muffin. I do two egg whites and one yolk for my eggs I do not add any salt/butter/milk.
  • Picture on the right is little man being excited he had Van's Wheat-Gluten Free Cinnamon French toast and about 4 organic strawberries cut up!

I LOVE the Van's Products, I get mine at Safeway but I'm sure they have them everywhere they are SO flavorful the cinnamon toast tastes EXACTLY like normal cinnamon toast however it is much thinner. Here is a picture of the box (so if you are interested in it you can keep an eye out):
you can also check out the other foods Van's has and check out the nutritional info on their site (click on the picture of the box and it will take you there).

So that was breakfast, after the man of the house got up we all took Strummer (our dog) out and ran around the green belt outside. Arizona weather is finally cooling down, we can definitely handle the 90 degree temps and later we will spend some more time outside and possible go adopt a beta fish!

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