Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holiday shopping?

I can't believe that Christmas is less than two months away, this year went by so fast. I say that every year but I think since having a child time goes by even faster. I try to cherish every moment even more!

It's funny too me that the Furby is predicted to be one of the hottest toys of the holiday season, I remember when I was in elementary school my step mom worked at Wal-Mart and she got me one at midnight the day they came out. I'm pretty sure she came home battered and bruised good thing she is no longer a retail employee. What I find the most funny is how things always come back around. Don't know what a furby is.... I don't know that you want to know, but if you do you can check it out by clicking on the picture:

These things are going from $50-$90 and they are already selling out! Seems like the earlier 90's all over again!

On that note, I have mentioned before that I am a Scentsy Consultant and starting today until December 31st or supplies run out, Scentsy has buy one get one free Scentsy Buddies! My son loves his Ribbert Frog buddy with the newborn nursery pak and it smells SO GOOD. So with this deal you get 2 buddies and 2 scent paks for only $25! Such a great deal, you can check out all the details below:

What is your favorite part about the holiday season? I am so excited to bake some healthy versions of the holiday favorites and spend time with family. Last year my son was too little to realize what was going on but this year I know he will be SO excited!

Happy Hump-Day!

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