Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This picture pretty much sums up my other half and I's life. I am a complete bed hog, when I was pregnant it was the worst. However since he probably won't see this, I will still never admit that I know I do it to him.We recently bought a King Size bed, (pre becoming a one income family), and I still feel like we could've gone bigger! 

He snores though and I put up with that. It's love, you have to give to receive. 

Does your significant other do anything that bothers you (but you put up with?)

My son is 10 months old today! Time goes by so so so fast. This time last year I was pregnant enduring the Arizona summer heat! Birthday planning is taking effect, most of it will be all D.I.Y. He has officially learned how to climb on the furniture and is quite proud of himself. I'm proud of him too, just mildly terrified, as Dad is alone with him all day when I'm at work.This picture below should explain my worries:
 Yes those are his shorts under his onesie, what happens when dad is left to dress him! All joking aside he is an amazing dad and I am so happy he is here to take care of him everyday!

With all that aside it's dinner time, cooking is spicy grilled boneless skinless chicken breast, marinara and whole wheat pasta.

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