Friday, July 20, 2012

Selling on Ebay

First off Happy Friday from Lennon and I:

Secondly, I have recently started selling some of our old baby stuff on eBay for extra income. We have so many clothes that our son never wore or wore once and that are in excellent condition. I ordered priority and express mail packages from the USPS which they provide free of charge and give you a flat rate on the packages, you can even print labels from home and the post man will pick them up from your door step! Luckily one of my favorite mom's has given me so many tips to make my listings more appealing!

-Make the most of your package, see how much you can fit in your package! A medium flat rate priority mail box costs $11.35 to ship so I fit at least 25 items in the box, I will always try to include more for free!
-Offer discounts for second packages, especially if you can fit them all in one box!
-Ship internationally, just remember it will cost more to ship so make sure you calculate your costs.

 There are so many ways to make money at home/supplement your income. Don't miss out! You can click on the picture to view my link and get an idea of my listing tips in action

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