Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Humpday

To those who aren't into Thursday yet! Sorry for the lack of posts and updates this week as been hectic, work has been busy, my work at home job with It Works has been super busy and my son is getting in two new teeth! So needless to say it's been a little chaotic!

BUT it's almost the weekend! My dad is coming to town to visit us and hopefully we can get some of my son's pictures done to send with his invitations! I've found a couple gluten free bakeries to do his smash cake, that's really the only thing I'll be spending money on, everything else will be D.I.Y!

What did you do for your kid's first birthday? Low Key or All Out?

On that note I wanted to leave you with some amazing results one of my customer's experienced recently, only three weeks of using our products and her body has changed dramatically:

Check the products out see what interests you, ask questions. These products work I know from first hand experience, I use It's Vital daily, I use the defining gel about every other day and I try to use the ultimate body applicators "wraps" if I have them on hand.

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