Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Saturday!

So it's an early morning in my house well at least for me and the little one. We have already had our morning bath and now he is watching mickey mouse club house and I am doing dishes and getting some other essentials done! Today I am going to experiment with Almond Milk
I am semi lactose intolerant, I mean i can eat things with milk I just feel horrible after (you get the picture). I usually try to use Soy Milk in my baking and morning foods, however I am not a big fan of the taste of Soy and I know it's not the best thing for you (or so recent controversy says). So a recent healthy nut friend of mine suggested Almond Milk, well I accidentally purchased some at Costco (while I was trying to purchase my soy milk) and I have decided might as well take her advice. So today I will be trying it in my morning coffee! If all goes well I may try to use it in my morning oats! What is your go to morning food? How do you feel about the soy controversy? On top of that I did want to put it in there that every morning I do take a daily vitamin my prefered vitamin is the It Works "It's Vital!" I love the way it makes me feel and the vitamin taste is easier to deal with than most vitamins I've tried. Do you take a daily vitamin? You can check out it's vital here:

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