Thursday, April 18, 2013

Head and Shoulders Update

A few months ago I was sent some Head and Shoulders Damage Rescue to test out. I raved and raved about the product, I loved it. Those two bottles lasted me for about 3 months and I have extremely thick hair!

This is what the product looked like for those who don't remember! Anyways, I finally ran out of the product and I have officially found my only negative review about the product. I stopped using it and my scalp issues are back and itchier (not sure if thats a word) than ever! I'm not sure if it's one of those secret side effects that makes you want to buy products continuously but I sure do wish I had some on hand right about now. My scalp has been non stop itchy. I'm going to try a vinegar rinse this weekend and see if that helps.

Just wanted to give everyone an update!

I'll end this post with a picture of our new girls- Since I only introduced them once:

They are the best, I am so in love with them and our son can't get enough of them!

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