Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yes Please!

So I am STILL dealing with my sinus infection, fun fun fun. But I had a very pleasant find at CVS today.... I'm sure some of you saw my post earlier this month letting you know about my Influenster Sweet Heart Vox Box. My favorite product from that box is the Olay Fresh Effects System, the more I use it the more I LOVE it. My skin is changing for the better and I am left a lot less oily (in my T-Zone!). Well today I stopped by CVS and found these:
This was the first time I had seen the fresh effects products in stores! Normally these tubes are $7.99 each, but they were on sale for $3.99 each! So I bought two of the Bead Me Up and Shine Shine Go Away. Both are cleansers and can be used with my fresh effects system brush (or without it). The Shine Shine Go Away is what I received in my box, so I am excited to try out the bead me up!

So If you are in need of a new skin cleansing routine or product I would suggest RUNNING to a local CVS and seeing if you can find this deal! I love it! Thank you Influenster for introducing me to this product!

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