Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wealthy Wednesday

So living on one income has proven to be difficult. At the beginning of the year we used our tax refund to pay off all our debts (other than my car) and got my credit score up to a good enough rate to get a home loan. Then came the job loss and we had to rack up our credit card, my credit score went down and we have been living mostly pay check to pay check.

I read a ton of blogs on how to save money, how to save living in an apartment, I cut back on our expenses, worked with our utility companies to lower our bills and just started budgeting more. But my favorite tip so far has been the dollar savings plan. We do a modified version of it because we can't save every dollar that comes into our hands, so we save dollars that have serial numbers starting with either: J, L, R or G. Those letter represent our initials for each of our first names and last name! Our son also has a piggy bank he received from friends of ours when he was born that has his initials engraved on it that we put all our change into.

His piggy bank looks something like this:

Now for the dollar savings method I suggest you set a goal, save all our dollar bills or every 10th dollar bill until Christmas Shopping or until our anniversary. Then put it in something that is not easy to get into, when you get tempted to go into your savings remind yourself of why you are saving in the first place. You'll be amazed at how many dollar bills come into your hand when you start using cash instead of credit and you'll be even more amazed at how fast your savings will add up!

Happy Wednesday!

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